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San Quirico d'Orcia 

Situated on the green hills in the centre of the "valdorcia park", between the colors and the sweet smells of aa still

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intact nature, lies a little medieval village that still preserves the precious historical testimonies and it makes treasure

of it. San Quirico d'Orcia, 2.500 villagers, has still a boundary wall almost intact, three wonderful churches of different age with precious testimonies of painters and sculptors, a very beautiful park called "gli Horti Leonini" drawn by Diomede Leoni and a gate, the last remaning after the second war.


San Quirico d'Orcia boasts a big gastronomic Clicca x ingrandiretradiction where  local oil and wine make the most important background  for the cooking, that lives for many centuries.Many things you can do in San Quirico d'orcia, from the long walks across the country paths to the trip on mountainbike or more simply to appear at the window sinking  into the wonderful nature of the orcia valley, where you can find many color shades during the season.